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About Us


Eduvet™ provides continuing education and training for paraveterinary staff with a primary focus on receptionists and veterinary practice management staff. In years gone by veterinary receptionists were ladies who had to take out clients’ cards and tell the vet that the next client for a consultation had arrived. Vet shops did not even exist. Today veterinary receptionists and vet shop sales assistants have to sell , market, educate, manage stock, make appointments, advise, counsel, manage inventory, do telephonic progress reports and follow ups and run retail outlets with having to apply critical principles of retailing, operate computer programmes and systems. Armed with the correct training and skills, frontline staff can be a tremendous asset, helping to take pressure off vets and turning enquiries into sales.

Eduvet incorporates Webinar technology to improve the delivery of education to veterinary frontline staff.

A webinar is a technology whereby any person who has fast speed internet access from anywhere in the world,  can gain access to a "virtual classroom" where a lecturer does a presentation. Participants and attendees interact with each other in this virtual classroom by means of headsets, speakers and microphones through their computers. Attendees can ask questions by "putting their hands up" or by writing questions and comments to the lecturer as the training takes place in real time. Real time online surveys and questionaires can be completed by attendees and group discussions can take place should the facilitator or lecturer find a need for it.

This platform allows for Eduvet to present to veterinary receptionists, nurses and practice managers all around the country, negating the travelling time for learners in remote areas. Furthermore learners are able to complete training from the comfort of their own home as webinars are generally presented over three weeks with one midweek webinar for a couple of hours.